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Understanding Voucher Codes

AMC member network Webgains will be hosting a free event this month aimed at increasing advertisers’ understanding of how to use voucher codes both effectively and strategically. Speakers include Emma Delaforce (Client Services Manager, Webgains), Ben Brown (VouChaCha &, Helen Whitaker (Business Development Director, Savoo), Mark Andreas (Digital Content Manager, Vouchercloud) and Mario Thomas [...]

Voucher Codes – Time for a Rethink?

The AMC’s code of conduct for voucher codes, first released in Jan 2009 and amended a few months later, was an important watershed in the industry, not least because it marked the spirit of collaboration amongst networks that has developed into a fruitful alliance. But affiliate marketing is built on shifting sands and therefore it [...]

August Affiliate Marketing Council Minutes

Affiliate Marketing Council Minutes – 26th August 2010 August’s AMC was again well attended with nearly 50 affiliate, agency, merchant and network representatives present. The main topics of discussion were: 1. Behavioural Retargeting: The Council agreed the final wording of the code of conduct that will come into force in September 2010. The key components [...]

Voucher Code contact email address

There’s been a little confusion in the past about the email address to be used should anyone want to raise a query or send a question regarding the AMC’s code of conduct dealing with voucher codes. A dedicated email address has been set up and any communication is distributed to selected members of the Council [...]

Voucher Code, Code of Conduct – April 2009

In January 2009 the member networks of the AMC rolled out a code of conduct aimed at regulating the use of voucher codes within the affiliate industry. Following an amendment to the code in March 2009 the code has successfully seen best practice guidelines enforced across much of the industry. All major sites that generate [...]