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Grill the AMC at the A4U Manchester Roadshow

The IAB AMC will be available on Thursday 9th September at the A4U roadshow in Manchester to answer questions about the work of the Council. The panel featuring Dan Redfearn and members of the Council, will have the opportunity to share with the audience the importance of self regulation and how the recent announcement of the Advertising Standards Agency to [...]

What is the AMC?

As the site is now a whole one week old I thought I’d take a step back and post what the AMC is and what it actually does. The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council is an industry body designated with advancing the affiliate channel in the UK. Comprised of nine (formerly ten) networks, namely Affiliate Future, [...]

Agenda 26th August

I thought I’d let you know some of the issues we will be discussing in next week’s meeting. Voucher code summit As the previous post stated, this week the IAB hosted a voucher code summit discussing a number of areas of this crucial area of affiliate marketing. Voucher codes truly forced affiliate marketing into the [...]