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AMC November 25th Agenda

There’s one last full Council meeting this year on Thursday 25th November at 3pm. Therefore I’m putting together the agenda and need additional points. So far we have the following to discuss… 1, Ve Interactive to present on their remarketing technology with follow up discussion for next steps and implications for wider industry 2, Matt [...]

October Minutes – Affiliate Marketing Council

The IAB played host to a full house last week for October’s Affiliate Marketing Council. Attended by around 50 people from all sides of the industry this was the biggest gathering of the AMC to date and I’m reliably informed the IAB’s other Councils attract a tiny fraction of the affiliate equivalent so we could find ourselves [...]

August Affiliate Marketing Council Minutes

Affiliate Marketing Council Minutes – 26th August 2010 August’s AMC was again well attended with nearly 50 affiliate, agency, merchant and network representatives present. The main topics of discussion were: 1. Behavioural Retargeting: The Council agreed the final wording of the code of conduct that will come into force in September 2010. The key components [...]

What is the AMC?

As the site is now a whole one week old I thought I’d take a step back and post what the AMC is and what it actually does. The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council is an industry body designated with advancing the affiliate channel in the UK. Comprised of nine (formerly ten) networks, namely Affiliate Future, [...]

IAB AMC Meeting, 26th August

We’re looking for agenda points for the AMC’s next meeting on Thursday 26th August. If you have any burning issues you’d like to put forward for discussion please submit in advance to Dan Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on Facebookshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post