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ePrivacy Directive – What practical things should everyone be doing?

By now everyone should have a good idea of what their plans are and should be reasonably confident that they have genuinely worked constructively towards achieving compliance. From Day one the advice from the ICO was to start with an audit of cookies (and similar technologies) and look at them with an assessment criteria that aligns [...]

ePrivacy Directive – What has the Affiliate Council been doing to address the changes?

Last summer (2011) the AMC Legislation Committee drew up a simple 5 Point Plan in an effort to establish a solid collective position that aligned to the ICO guidance as we understood it. In practice, establishing this level of unified clarity in quick time has been impossible and it took until 2012 to get real [...]

ePrivacy Directive – What exactly does it mean for affiliates and advertisers?

Back in spring 2011 it looked like many of the established online building blocks being used by businesses had been somewhat overlooked or perhaps their technical and economic relevance underestimated. Since then the authorities have reassured us that there has never an intention to cause economic damage – rather a determination and commitment to do [...]

Achieving Incremental Sales in Affiliate Marketing

How incremental are the sales produced by affiliates? Anyone who works in the performance marketing space regularly asks, or is asked to respond to, this question. Today we publish Client Strategist Owen Hewitson’s report, Achieving Incremental Sales in Affiliate Marketing, looking at this question. It is one that has been asked for a long time [...]

Brits Abroad at CJU

I was lucky enough to attend the Commission Junction University 2011 last week held in the in the beautiful setting and hometown of Commission Junction HQ in Santa Barbara, California. Florian, the CJ UK Country Manager kindly invited me over so I could see what was happening  across the pond in the affiliate channel.  I [...]